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DukeOfMadnessMotors   Firesign Theatre
The Firesign Theatre Live at the Magic Mushroom
Paperback Book + DVD-ROM Disc

NEW! In psychedelic 1967, between their first and second albums, Firesign wrote a dozen original half-hour radio plays in full Goon Show mode, with puns on overdrive. They performed them in front of a live audience at the Magic Mushroom club on Ventura Blvd. in Los Angeles, while being simulcast on Peter Bergman's Radio Free Oz on 50,000-watt KRLA. Considered lost for half a century, these mythical broadcasts are finally being officially released from the best available recordings, fully remastered and with historical appreciations from original members of Firesign and their archivist. So break off a hunk of the old 'shroom! It's like having the Sixties in the palm of your mind...

48-page paperback book with DVD-ROM, including all 11 of the surviving Magic Mushroom plays, plus original promos and the 10/29/1967 episode of Radio Free Oz ("The Bridey Murphy Come As You Were Halloween Party"). Remastered audio, never-before-published photos and ephemera from the archives, and brand new illustrations by Mahendra Singh!

$35.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $45 for International orders.)

FightingClownsOfHollywood   Firesign Theatre:
Fighting Clowns of Hollywood
Seven hours of live Firesign Theatre
Most never before released
80-page supplemental PDF

You're On the Airlie: A History of the Art of Radio, written and performed exclusively for the Airlie public radio conference in Virginia on 4/22/1979. Revisit radio's greatest moments –The Egyptians invent the wireless society! FDR reads the funnies by the fire! And the glorious Hindenberg lands safely in New Jersey!

Joey's House: a channel-switching fantasia featuring Joey Demographico and his family watching (and making) a full day of TV. Yves Sanstoul goes up against American celebrity fashionistas, Bosun Bob teaches the kiddies to draw a dead cat, Nick Danger stars in "Frame Me Pretty", and the whole household shills for God on "Pay the Lord".

Fighting Clowns: The complete 1980 album based on their Roxy stage show. Firesign goes into full Brecht mode as they rip hell out of America's presidential candidates in The Year The Brain Stood Still. Songs galore! Plus a slew of bonus tracks including the never-released "Meanwhile in Billville", their one-act play about the town fathers who put drugs in the milk so their kids could take home the gold at the Billville Alternate Olympics (an idea they later stole from themselves to form the kernel of their 1999 CD Boom Dot Bust)!

American Pageant 1981: Live on tour in the first months of the Reagan administration, Firesign unpacks and re-builds their "American Pageant" piece from 1969's How Can You Be album, taking it down new roads never travelled in the original. Featuring those classic new old folk songs "The Four John Browns", "No One Came Marching Home" and "Dropping Those Bombs Again".

By the Light of the Silvery: Firesign reprises their classic 1967 Magic Mushroom play at the Sherlock Holmes fan convention Sherlockon in Los Angeles, 1/24/1981. Hemlock Stones and Batson return from chasing the Giant Rat of Sumatra only to face a new, more challenging plot – the moon has disappeared!

Lawyer's Hospital: In 1981 Firesign captured two killer live performances on tape, one in Denver and one in San Francisco, that formed the backbone of the 1982 Rhino LP Lawyer's Hospital. Featuring the soap opera of the same name, singing group The Eight Shoes, and TV matinee host Ben Bland, this expanded version includes all the live material from the LP plus much more from the original tapes.

And there are more extras, including bits rescued from the only known recording of their 1979 live show "The Owl & Octopus Show" and Firesign radio appearances from their 1981 tour. Meanwhile the included PDF features 80 pages of photos, posters, drawings, LP artwork, liner notes, articles, interviews, and more.

Fighting Clowns of Hollywood: Live 1979-1981 is available exclusively from Firesign's store on Bandcamp. A 9-track, 34-minute free promo album and promotional JPGs are available for download now from this link.

$15.00 direct download
   Download from the Bandcamp online store

JustFolksAFiresignChat   Firesign Theatre:
Just Folks: A Firesign Chat

It is January, 1977. James Earl (Jimmy) Carter has been elected, and he will soon be sworn in as the 39th President of the United States. The Firesign Theatre (fresh off their own Surrealist Party Campoon) takes on the task of welcoming the new President and introducing him to the residents of his new home, Ducktown, USA, which is inhabited by the usual unusual Firesign characters, from drunkards to truckers, and from TV hosts to rocket scientists. Plus, the occasional Indian is passed around for good measure.

2017 remastered version includes 18-page PDF with original album artwork, press kit, news articles, live performance photos & more.

$10.00 direct download
   Download from the Bandcamp online store

EverythingYouKnowIsWrong_DVD   Firesign Theatre:
Everything You Know Is Wrong
The Declassified Firesign Theatre 1968-1975
(DVD Format, 2-Disc Set)

More than 7 hours on two DVDs, most of it coming to home video for the very first time! In Everything You Know Is Wrong, reporter/seeker Harry Cox finds reality overtaking his conspiracy theories as the American Southwest is hit by aliens, comets, nudists, daredevils, psychics, fried eggs, holes to the center of the Earth, and proof that our Forefathers took drugs!

Also included:

  • Martian Space Party, a half-hour concert film from 1972;
  • Questions & Answers Live at UCSC, a full 1975 stage show;
  • Firesign's 1971 appearance on local L.A. TV show About a Week, featuring their short play "The Bob Sideburn News" and a group interview;
  • The Jack Poet Volkswagen ads, a beyond-belief series of eight real TV ads Firesign performed in 1969;
  • More than three hours of home movies;
  • ... and much more, including new commentaries, photo galleries, and extra surprises!

Seekers, you'll say: "Now I've seen it all!"

International customers: This DVD is Region Zero (i.e. No Region) so it should play in any DVD player in the world - as long as your player can play NTSC video.

$35.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $45 for International orders.)

MarchingToShibboleth   FIRESIGN THEATRE:
Marching To Shibboleth: The Collected Plays of the Firesign Theatre
Paperback Edition
(Currently Out Of Print, Check Back For Updates)

Finally available after over thirty years, MARCHING TO SHIBBOLETH collects all the words (and sound effects) to Firesign's classic audio comedies of the Seventies, including:

MARCHING TO SHIBBOLETH reproduces both of Firesign's Big Books, originally published in 1972 and 1974 by Straight Arrow. Packed with photos, explanatory prefaces, collages, and the weirdly cool typography typical of High Seventies Style, these must-have script collections at one stroke put to rest any question of just what these guys were saying on all those records and stoked new, unending arguments about just What It All Meant (and simultaneously deployed a hysterical, historical motherlode of theatrical lore guaranteed to trump anyone at a Booth or Barrymore family picnic).

Out of print for at least three decades, both books have been rebuilt from the ground up using original source materials to exactly match the original layouts. Collected under one cover, MARCHING TO SHIBBOLETH puts the best known Firesign works together for the first time and provides readers with the unique word-for-word wordplay which was often confusing - er, confused with that of James Joyce during Firesign's heyday.

The four major titles - Electrician, How Can You Be, Dwarf and Bozos - collectively present Firesign's prescient look at technology, the media, American history and paranoia (especially in the classic "Beat The Reaper!" gameshow.) The Giant Rat is their tribute to British "Goon Show" humor; Nick Danger, Third Eye has become the classic send-up of both the "noir" detective story and Golden Age radio; and Everything You Know Is Wrong mashes up every New-Age trope of the Seventies in an always-timely reminder of what happens when gurus come in the front door and critical thinking goes out the window.

Features a new introduction by author, music journalist and cultural critic Greil Marcus.


$35.00    We're sorry, this book is out of print as of late Feb 2022.
Please check back for updated availability.

ExorcismInYourDailyLife   FIRESIGN THEATRE:
Exorcism In Your Daily Life
The Psychedelic Firesign Theatre at The Magic Mushroom, 1967
Paperback Edition

The Firesign Theatre began their long comedy career in 1966 as radio satirists, based in Los Angeles. Before their debut LP Waiting For The Electrician or Someone Like Him appeared, Firesign began performing together live over the newly-hippified KRLA-AM.

Direct from their sold-out broadcast performances in late 1967 at The Magic Mushroom, a popular rock club in Studio City, EXORCISM IN YOUR DAILY LIFE presents ten surreal classics in which the Four Firesign undertake to play dozens of characters in stoned variations on prison escape movies, whaling sagas, jungle adventures, Roman epics, Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur and Ali Baba along with "educational" films and a day in the life of your TV set. Tokes and jokes take the four or five crazy guys a little higher by the end of every show. Some said Firesign itself was a new psychedelic drug!

Contains these never-before-published scripts:

  • Exorcism and Your Daily Life
  • The Séance
  • The Last Tunnel to Fresno
  • Twenty Years Behind The Whale
  • By The Light of the Silvery
  • The Sword and the Stoned
  • Sesame Mucho
  • The Armenian's Paw
  • Tile It Like It Is
  • A Life In The Day

$19.95    Book available from the Bear Manor Media online store

ProfilesInBarbequeSauce   FIRESIGN THEATRE:
Profiles In Barbeque Sauce
More Stoner Comedy From The Firesign Theatre
Paperback Edition

PROFILES IN BARBEQUE SAUCE brings together sixteen of the Firesign Theatre's stage, recording and broadcast performance scripts from the earliest years of their long collaboration. From 1967, the Summer of the Love-In, to the Not Insane! Martian Space Party of 1972, Firesign performed on stage at small clubs and large venue benefit concerts, over AM and FM radio and on the road.

PROFILES collects the group's timely political satire along with the most surreal, psychedelic and politically incorrect humor from the classic high times of the "Beatles of Comedy."

Contains the following scripts, most coming to print for the very first time:

  • International Youth On Parade
  • Temporarily Humboldt County
  • W. C. Fields Forever
  • 38 Cunegonde
  • A Shadow Moves Upon A Land
  • Freek for a Week
  • Profiles in Barbeque Sauce
  • Thanksgiving, or Pass The Indian Please!
  • The Fuse of Doom
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • ...nd Of The World
  • The TV Set
  • Mutt 'n' Smutt
  • The Dr. Blojob Show
  • The Ash Grove Encore
  • The Bob Sideburn News
  • The Martian Space Party

$19.95    Book available from the Bear Manor Media online store

Anythynge-TheBook   FIRESIGN THEATRE:
Anythynge You Want To: Shakespeare's Lost Comedie
Paperback Edition

More than just a rousing send-up of Shakespeare, ANYTHYNGE YOU WANT TO is a full-length theatrical entertainment, written and re-written continually throughout The Firesign Theatre's long performing career. This volume collects every iambic double entendre and silly soliloquy into a surreal comedy opus, complete with Firesign's "scholarly" introduction, tongue-in-cheek footnotes, diagrams, and even recipes!

Firesign has infused the classic Shakespearian scenes of hurricanes at sea, witches capering about a cooking pot, apparitions on the battlements, graveyard passion and mortal combat in ANYTHYNGE YOU WANT TO with their notoriously twisted political and social humor - a devastating oil spill, alchemical terrorism, sleezy politics and Hollywood shenanigans are all part of the laughs.

As Firesign tells it, the legendary writing/acting quartet has been around, writing and performing plays since 1600 when they collaborated with the Bard on ANYTHYNGE before taking their act on the road to the New World. Reborn in the Old West as "Dr. Firesign's Theatre of the Plains," these fighting clowns have since worn many disguises and had countless high adventures on stage, in movies and over the radio.

The tales told here fill in the comic mythology of Firesign's most popular recorded worlds, connecting Nick Danger and George Tirebiter to Hemlock Stones, The Electrician, and "Everything You Know is Wrong." Bonus scripts include 1967's radio saga "The Armenian's Paw" and an early club-act favorite, "Waiting for The Mount of County Crisco."

Filled with photographs from performances, along with graphics by Bruce Litz, ANYTHYNGE YOU WANT TO is truly Firesign's major work of high comedy.

(Also of note: the companion Anythynge You Want To CD, available here in the Firesale store!)

$24.95    Book available from the Bear Manor Media online store

Marshmallows+Despair   David Ossman
Marshmallows & Despair

Marshmallows & Despair is David Ossman's shocking, awesome, poetic coverage of 21st Century War and Politics, tales of neo-noir nights in strange places, poems of aging, dying, and seeking refuge. This definitive collection celebrates Ossman’s 79th birthday and features a captivating cast that includes Beat St. Jack, Banana Clip Republicans, Funny Skydivers, as well as an Elegy to Rock Snot. You’ll be sold on Presidential Butts In Butter, exposed to Heisenberg at Holmes Harbor, visit the House of Garden Gnomes, and celebrate the Tulku’s Birthday. Enjoy a healthy dose of Ossman's Firesign humor matched with his own outrage, anguish and hope.

Additional details can be found here. Autographed copies are available WHILE THEY LAST!!

$25.00 ($40.00 International)    Book available directly from

DrFiresignsFollies   David Ossman
Dr. Firesign's Follies

Dr. Firesign's Follies combines Ossman's insights on the Art of Radio and the creation of Firesign's audio oeuvre with his scandal-filled account of a tumultuous year as Surrealist Party candidate for U.S. Vice President. Included in the book is material from "The Firesign Theatre: An Intimate Geography, Essays by David Ossman 1972-1998" (his self-published book from 2000, long out of print). The radio play scripts in the book feature many of Ossman's favorite comedy characters - George Tirebiter, Ben Bland, Peggy Koolzip, Beat St. Jack, Maxwell Morgan and Mark Time.

Additional details can be found here.

$19.95    Book available from the Bear Manor Media online store

RonaldReaganMurderCase   David Ossman
Ronald Reagan Murder Case

This comedy/mystery novel, set in Malibu, Mulholland and Musso's and in CBS Radio's Studio A during the Golden Age of Radio, introduces George Tirebiter (then a 25-year-old comedy star) in his first "celebrity detective" role. The book is illustrated with archival photos of the major characters and contains a Tirebiter filmography and David Ossman's memoir of his long friendship with Tirebiter, one of his personal Radio Heros. For readers who can't get enough of George, the opening chapters of Tirebiter's next mystery, "The Flying Saucer Murder Case," are included as a preview of his future adventures.

Additional details can be found here.

$19.95    Book available from the Bear Manor Media online store

DukeOfMadnessMotors   Firesign Theatre
Duke Of Madness Motors:
The Complete "Dear Friends" Radio Era 1970-1972
Paperback Book + DVD-ROM Disc

NEW! It's been such a long exposition, you know. Countless hours spent poring through the personal archives of Firesign group members and devoted fans alike. Fragile, aging reel-to-reel tapes handled with great care and transferred to digital media for restoration. Information and images gathered, processed and refined. Interviews conducted, transcribed and edited. The whole enchilada cubed, reheated, inspected, injected, detected, filtered, digitized, edited and assembled to perfection.

Yes, thanks to the tireless efforts of official Firesign archivist Taylor Jessen, we are proud to present, for the first time anywhere, the complete, mammoth, authoritatively definitive and totally awesome Duke of Madness Motors: The Complete "Dear Friends" Radio Era 1970-1972 book and DVD-ROM combo pack.

The DVD-ROM disc contains high-resolution MP3 audio files of every Firesign radio broadcast from their three series of the early 1970's:
  • The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour (24 episodes)
  • Dear Friends (21 episodes) and
  • Let's Eat (12 episodes)
...ending with their big final blockbuster, Martian Space Party. A total of 58 shows in all, 80 hours of audio, on a single DVD-ROM disc. Each broadcast is completely restored and remastered for your protection. There's also the syndicated versions of the Dear Friends and Let's Eat episodes, and a handful of additional goodies and surprises from the vaults.

The full color 108-page 7"x10" book contains:
  • Complete rundowns of every broadcast
  • A lengthy and thorough historical/hysterical essay on the troupe
  • New intereviews with each Firesign group member
  • Interviews with long-time Firesign associates, producer Bill McIntyre and engineer The Live Earl Jive
  • Collages by Phil Proctor
  • Vintage found objects, original scripts and more
This is indeed the cultural landslide of a lifetime, more pure unadulterated Firesign than has ever been available in a single package. You'll revel in the lightning-fast word play, bon mots, sparkling repartee, inside jokes, jokey insights, non-sequitors, surreal flights of fancy, bizarre sound effects, social studies, poetic justice, and downright jaw dropping serendipitous synchronicity that this landmark institution of comedy managed to pull off from out of left field in a mere two-year period. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to own and experience this cornucopia of creamy Firesign goodness.

$45.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $50 for International orders.)

AnythyngeYouWantTo   Firesign Theatre:
Anythynge You Want To

The casual Firehead may not know that today's fab Firesign is merely the latest incarnation of a writing/acting troupe that's been bringing avant-garde laffs to the swells since 1600! From the nethermost regions of their traveling trunk, the Fyre Sygne Theatre unearthed this, the oldest script in their repertoire, to record for NPR in 1980. Knock your lobes to the Bard-basting play that had Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Coffeebean audiences alyke in stitches. This CD features the full NPR Earplay version of Anythynge, complete with wraparounds. Soon to be a fully-annotated book!

$10.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $15 for International orders.)

DwarfStickerSet   “Don’t Crush That Dwarf” sticker set

Shaped sticker featuring everyone’s favorite mythical creatures from the cover of “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers”. Exclusive limited edition of 250 stickers: comes with two bonus stickers, “Raw Raw Raw” and “Holy Mudhead, Mackerel!” (Firesign Theatre does NOT recommend sticker-bombing these slogans on every public interface in your town, so of course you totally should.) Dimensions: shaped sticker is 4” square, smaller stickers are 2-7/8” square.

$10.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $13 for International orders.)

OzSticker   "OZ" Sticker

From the birth of Hip radio in L.A. the classic Radio Free Oz logo sticker returns. Celebrate a cantilevered dialectic of topical righteousness with this little classic no one’s seen since the Johnson administration! Dimensions: circlular, 3.5” diameter.

$3.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $5 for International orders.)

ITWABozosBumperSticker   "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus" Bumper Sticker

Ya gotta clone, so show your Firehead pride by joining the Brotherhood of Zips & Others. Guaranteed to turn any object into a bus! Dimensions: 11.25” x 3”.

(Previously, this bumper sticker was only made available with the purchase of a Ralph Spoilsport License Plate Frame. Now, the sticker is available as a separate purchase item.)

$5.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $8 for International orders.)

FightingClowns   Firesign Theatre:
Fighting Clowns

Wow, fer sher, totally, whatever! It's the start of the Reagan era Contra-temps, and the 101st Fighting Clown battalion brigade wants you! This album combines Firesign's full-frontal live "Eight Shoes" vaudeville-style song & revue show with additional studio segments, captured just as the Sappy Seventies gave way to the belligerent and self-satisfied Empty Eighties. War is the answer, but what was the question? Just stare at the incredible Phil Hartman (yes, that Phil Hartman) cover art and maybe you, too, will remember. Includes the songs "Oh, Afghanistan" and "This Bus Won't Go to War".

$10.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $15 for International orders.)

RadioNowLIVE   Firesign Theatre:
RadioNow Live! (2-CD Set)

Recorded in 1999, this two-disc collection captures Firesign just after the release of "Boom Dot Bust" performing live at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland. As the world awaits the premillennial punchline, the RadioNow crew of Bebop, Dwayne, Hal and Ray mix it up with Joe Camel, Princess Goddess and Dr. Winkiedinque, plus we visit the Wall of Science, buy a new car with Babe, melt some dry ice with Nick Danger, and please the groundlings with a full staging of "Anythynge You Want To".

$15.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $20 for International orders.)

SpoilsportLicPlateFrames   Ralph Spoilsport License Plate Frame

Back by popular demand! Your car is just begging for one of these license plate frames. Or two, even. The top of the frame states: "Head In Any Direction On The Freeway Of Your Choice!" - the bottom of the frame is emblazoned with our favorite new used and used new automobile dealership: "Ralph Spoilsport Motors". These frames are guaranteed to make you the envy of every harried commuter, hopped-up joy rider, Sunday driver and mother-trucker on the interstate.

$10.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $15 for International orders.)

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